hopeosterman asked:

hi peta2! you guys have been so wonderful& helpful, and ive gone vegetarian after following a meat filled diet for the first 13 years of my life! however, i would absolutely love to go vegan. my parents are very supportive of my vegetarianism but my mom thinks becoming vegan is too extreme. ive talked to her about it so many times &shown her why it matters but she thinks i wont get enough protein& nutrients(which isnt true). help!

peta2 answered:

That’s amazing that you love animals so much and have gone vegetarian!! We know talking to parents can be tough. The “vegan” thing is often new and scary for them!

This link should help you explain it :) -

I’ve the same problem… Hope that with your suggestions I’ll change the idea my parents have about veganism. Thank you peta2 ! <3

Hi! Some months ago I stoped eating meat. It was so hard to convince my family to accept my choice. Now I want to stop eating fish becoming truely vegetarian… How can I convince my family to let me change my lifestyle this way and to accept the fact that I definitely want to become vengan soon and to spend my life helping animals and fighting cruelty? Thanks! peta2

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