Little letter for a great artist

Dear Ola,
My name is Claudia and I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday with a simply letter. First I must do apologize…I know it isn’t very much as birthday present…
Anyway, it’s very important for me to let you know how much your music is important for me and how it changes the way I see things in my life. So all I want is to tell you THANK YOU! Thank you for your awesome personality, you teach me to never be afraid of change and to take it as a good opportunity to make unique our way to being. Thank you for all the emotions I feel when I listen to your music, thank you for made every song putting a piece of your heart inside it.
Thank you for making me smile everytime when I hear you laugh.
Thank you for doing everything you do, don’t let anyone tell you what to do, promise me…
Maybe a lot of people told you the things I wrote in this letter, but… How to explain… This is what I sincerely feel and sometimes these feelings are able to let me escape all my problems… Ok it’s a bit pathetic, I know.
I think now I should let you go to enjoy your b-day party :P
Happy birthday with all my heart!

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